A better way to handle inflow: Automated Help

James Warman
9 October 2023
The Automated Help management screen, and one of the email responses it can send.

The temperature will soon be dropping outside and customer services in energy will be coming under pressure from all sides. 

The seasonal increase in customer service inflow will undoubtedly create backlogs for agents and frustration for customers as they wait in virtual and call queues. 

It’s important that as the nights become colder, vulnerable customers can get in contact with their energy company at all times, especially in the case of an emergency.

Our new email bot designed for energy, Automated Help, can help.

Using AI to automatically respond to emails lightens the load for support teams, giving them more time to speak to customers on the phones.

An email shown on a phone, including meter readings that have been identified by Automated Help.

Driven by AI-powered intent recognition to understand what customers need

Automated Help’s large language model has been trained for 3 years on real energy supplier inflow. This means it's able to accurately recognise the needs behind customers’ emails quickly and accurately.

Faster, smarter responses to help customers

Automated Help typically responds to a customer's email within 90 seconds

And crucially, the responses are much smarter than your average bot.

More than a typical question-and-answer bot, Automated Help understands customer context and gives personalised responses. This is thanks to its integration with your billing and CRM systems.

It automates repetitive tasks for agents too

Two of the most frequent and time-consuming causes of customer service inflow are submitting meter readings and requests for refunds of credit balances.

We know these can take over 2 minutes per agent each and every time they're manually completed. By instantly completing tasks like these on behalf of agents, Automated Help frees them up to focus on more specialist or complex queries.

Easy to manage and customise

While Automated Help comes with a series of ready-to-go responses, you can easily update the content to reflect your own products and processes, recommend customer actions, or link out to your help documentation. 

With easy to use management tools and performance metrics, you can switch responses on or off as needed, and discover which ones are having the most impact.

Part of Zoa's Consumer Energy Management Platform, Automated Help is available now

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October 19, 2023

A better way to handle inflow: Automated Help

Automated Help is the AI email bot designed for energy. Find out how it can help handle your inflow.