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Deliver consumer experiences that people trust, value and maybe even love. Our planet depends on it.

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A set of mobile screens showing Zoa’s range of consumer experiences. From EV smart charging to home energy management to automated email responses.

Our technology powered Bulb to become the most loved energy supplier in the UK

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Lower cost to serve than industry average
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Helping energy companies become consumer companies

Top-rated apps

Put power in people’s hands

Mobile and web apps that empower your users to self-serve all their energy needs, building trust and lowering cost.

Help households electrify

Make it easy for consumers to decarbonise and electrify their homes, and save money in the process.

Completely configurable

Tailor the experience, from functionality to brand and content. No coding required.

A set of mobile app interfaces showing Zoa’s breadth of app experiences. From checking EV charge status to setting up direct debit.
An email from a customer containing meter readings. Zoa’s email bot automatically identifies the meter readings and submits them.

AI-powered communication

Automate email responses

Our bot handles up to 40% of your emails, and takes automatic actions – from adding meter readings to issuing refunds.

Offer proactive help

Anticipate consumers’ needs and reach out to them before it becomes a problem.

Target promotions

Drive adoption of new products with targeted, personalised campaigns.

Lightning-fast agent tools

See everything at a glance

We aggregate everything an agent needs in one place, letting them solve problems quickly.

Resolve issues with one click

Every process is simple and streamlined. Consumer and agent satisfaction go up, costs go down.

Automatically route cases to skills

Get the most out of your team by automatically directing queries to the agents with the right skills to solve them.

Zoa’s agent tool interface showing customer account information and a call to action to increase monthly payments to suggested amount.Zoa’s agent tool interface showing customer account information and a call to action to increase monthly payments to suggested amount.

Designed for people, built around your business

User-centred data model

Our products are powered by a data model that puts people at the centre of their energy experience. This lets us solve consumer needs in new ways.

Integrates with your systems

Zoa connects to your underlying billing, CRM and industry systems. We’re easy to set up, and flexible for the future.

Powering the energy transition with brilliant consumer experiences

We’ll only reach net zero if all households can participate in an electrified energy system. We need to bring everyone along, one experience at a time. Let's get started.

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