Unlock value for you and your customers from their energy assets


Offer savings to customers with AI-powered energy management


Launch and scale quickly with our flexible SaaS platform

Deliver the connected home

A unified experience for customers to manage their cars and devices in one place.

Connect to 500+ devices

Optimised energy use through smart device management.

Managed EV charging

Offer smarter tariffs that work for you, your customers and the grid.

Smarter solar batteries

Maximise customer savings by storing excess solar power, and selling to the grid in response to real-time demand and pricing.

Greenest & cheapest

Shift energy usage to when renewables are high and costs are low.

Shape demand to your needs

Reduce your wholesale energy costs by shifting load to off-peak times. Supply greener energy during less carbon-intensive hours and help balance the grid.

An image showing chart data for a energy management platform.

Powerful customer support

With a full view of your customer in one place, agents can solve problems quickly and at the root cause.

A dashboard for customer service employees working in the energy industry.

Take a step towards our electrified future

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