At Zoa, we believe in a world where energy companies work hand in hand with consumers to stop climate change.

To make that vision into reality, we build the technology that delivers brilliant consumer experiences for energy.

We were originally the team that built the technology that powered Bulb, helping it grow organically from 0 to 1.7M members in four countries in just 5 years. We also helped achieve the UK industry’s lowest cost to serve and raised our mobile-app rating to 4.8 stars simultaneously.

In the aftermath of the energy crisis in 2021 and 2022, we decided to take that technology and make it available to energy suppliers everywhere, along with the talent that created it and make it even better.

So in November 2022, we created Zoa to help energy companies become consumer companies.

Our people are building consumer experiences that build trust and engagement now whilst unlocking the green energy transition. They drive what it means to live in a sustainable, electrified world, because we’re here to make a difference today, tomorrow, and into the future.

Our technology powered Bulb to become the most loved energy supplier in the UK

Properties served
Lower cost to serve than industry average
App score

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