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Net zero requires electrification to scale from early adopters to mass markets. At Zoa, we believe in a world where energy companies and consumers drive to reach net zero together. To do this, we need intelligent technology.


new smart energy devices will come online by 2030

Energy companies that are looking to be part of this new era of energy will need intelligent technology to manage the rapid expansion of electronic devices. That’s where Zoa comes in. With our AI-powered electrification platform, we’re accelerating the path towards net zero, allowing energy companies to deepen customer relationships, unlock new revenue streams and manage electronic devices at scale.

We are the team, data and technology behind Bulb, Europe’s fastest growing energy supplier: growing it organically from 0 to 1.7M members in four countries in just 5 years. We achieved a rating of 4.8 stars on our customer apps, while having the industry's lowest cost to serve, and delivered the UK energy industry’s fastest ever migration of 1.5M customers.

In response to the post-pandemic energy crisis, we took that technology, and the talent that created it, to build one of the first electrification platforms enabling consumers everywhere to electrify.

The team


team members from world’s best tech companies working with leading energy companies globally. Led by an experienced entrepreneurial team.

Sara Brooks

Co-CEO & Chief Revenue Officer

Tom Fraine

Co-CEO & Chief Operating Officer

Crystal Hirschorn

Chief Technology Officer

Eloise Taysom

Chief Product Officer

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