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Customer stories

Driving consumer savings from solar systems

Elsa Hatakka
29 April 2024
A set of mobile screens showing Zoa’s range of consumer experiences. From EV smart charging to home energy management to automated email responses.

Glowb is on a mission to be the UK’s most trusted, customer-centric solar brand, offering affordable, reliable systems to make solar accessible  for UK homeowners. To deliver this Glowb’s leadership team knew they needed to connect up multiple devices in their customers homes and show customers in real-time the savings they receive from these systems. Glowb also needed to be ready to manage electrified homes at scale.

As a start-up, Glowb did not have the  time or resources to build this technology in-house, which they estimated would cost millions of pounds and take more than a year.

That’s where Zoa comes in. Our electrification platform enables Glowb to maximise the potential of every solar panel and battery to unlock savings. The exciting part? We went from planning to being in consumers homes in less than six months! 

Electrification services
Residential solar and battery installer 

United Kingdom 


Glowb aims to bring best-in-the-world technology to our customers to solve their biggest pain points. There’s no way we can do all of this in house - partnering with Zoa has enabled us to solve a huge consumer need in a really fast, lean and cost-effective way. The Zoa solution is transforming how we engage with customers, offering a solution that is light years ahead of anything available in the market."

Sarah, CEO of Glowb

The Solution

We collaborated closely with Glowb to design and implement a home optimisation and consumer facing application, delivering features such as:

Our AI optimisation engine boosts savings by continually adjusting the battery mode based on analysis of solar forecasts, energy usage patterns and tariff costs. After an easy set up, the optimisation happens automatically, with calculated average annual savings of up to £500 on Octopus Agile and Flex tariffs*. For users on Octopus Energy, of which the majority of Glowb’s customers are, we connect to their account via an API and stream the live tariff data. For users not on Octopus, we collect the tariff data manually.

Live data
Our consumer data model surfaces personalised consumer experiences and offers Glowb a deeper understanding of their customers. Real-time insights into solar generation, import and export, home energy usage, and battery status. We are currently linking to Solax battery inverters with Solis coming soon.

Consumers can track savings on electricity costs after installing and optimising solar panels and batteries.

Mobile and web apps
We offer access to the app on all platforms (iOS, Android, web).  

The Results 

Glowb anticipates a multitude of benefits, including:

A world-class consumer experience
Save customers money, reduce operating costs and drive long term value for customers

Enhanced customer engagement
By offering users connection, visibility and control over their devices and consumption, Glowb expects to bolster customer engagement and loyalty

Opportunity for forming VPPs
Zoa’s machine learning models power optimisation strategies across multiple devices within individual homes and across multiple homes, enabling Glowb to form ‘virtual power plants’ (VPPs) and respond to grid imbalances 

Unlock new revenue streams
Leveraging the platform's upsell capabilities, Glowb can drive revenue with new customer and device growth. This will also reduce Glowb’s cost-to-acquire. 

United in our mission to combat climate change, we are excited to keep pushing boundaries alongside Glowb, accelerating the transition towards electrified homes with intelligent technology. And this is just the start with new features and innovations in the works. 

Read more about Glowb here

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June 10, 2024

Driving consumer savings from solar systems

Our electrification platform enables Glowb to maximise the potential of every solar panel and battery to unlock savings. The exciting part? We went from planning to being in consumers homes in less than six months!