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Supercharging the smart energy home: insights from our event

Elsa Hatakka
21 February 2024
in collaboration with George Phillips from FTI Consulting's Energy Team
A set of mobile screens showing Zoa’s range of consumer experiences. From EV smart charging to home energy management to automated email responses.

On 24 January 2024, we had the pleasure of hosting another session in our 'Electrify Everything' series. This event brought together top minds in the energy sector for a breakfast briefing, focusing on the transition to a fully electrified society. Joining Zoa’s CEO Tom Fraine were industry leaders Lamé Verre, Monica Collings, Mark Coyle, and Rob Taylor, discussing the future of smart homes. Here are the essential takeaways to boosting the smart home economy.

The Potential of Smart Homes

Smart homes represent a revolutionary step in energy consumption and efficiency. They go beyond just connecting devices; it's about creating a harmonious system that cuts energy use, reduces bills, and boosts efficiency, contributing significantly to our climate change combat efforts.

Current Trends

The rise of heat pumps, solar, and batteries shows a growing interest in sustainable technologies. However, in the UK, the uptake is still nascent. Those investing in these smart assets are usually more energy & tech-savvy, and financially capable. Often, batteries are linked with solar panels, highlighting the need for continued consumer education in household electrification.

Consumer Engagement

Typically, the smart home journey starts with an electric vehicle (EV) purchase or solar panel installation. This first step often leads to deeper engagement with home energy ecosystems as consumers witness the benefits of electrification firsthand.

Interoperability and seamless integration are key challenges in optimising smart homes. Software solutions that unite disparate assets and maximise efficiency are crucial. Financing, too, is a barrier; while some providers offer long-term loans, these are often localised. Nationwide schemes and high street bank involvement could change the game.

Driving Change

To revolutionise smart homes, we need a customer-centric approach, simplifying the concept for end-users. It's about highlighting the direct benefits – warmer homes, cost savings, and increased efficiency. Educating on the link between low carbon and cost-effectiveness is essential. Software solutions that provide tangible insights into savings and efficiencies can enhance user engagement and contribute to decarbonisation.

Rethinking Financing

Exploring innovative financing models, including monthly repayment plans, can make smart home technology more accessible. Banks and financial institutions play a pivotal role here.

Building Trust

The credibility of the energy industry is vital. We need a transparent, standardised ecosystem with open APIs across devices to foster trust and ease of use.


A consumer-first approach, coupled with greater transparency and collaboration, is key to driving the smart home movement. It's not just about technology; it’s about delivering long-term value to consumers, reshaping their everyday lives towards a more sustainable future. Read more about how Zoa's electrify platform makes electrification simpler, smarter and cheaper, helping energy companies build brilliant customer experiences here.

Video from the event

You can view the full discussion here.

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Supercharging the smart energy home: insights from our event

Essential takeaways from another session in our 'Electrify Everything' series that brought together top minds in the energy sector for a breakfast briefing, focusing on the transition to a fully electrified society